Why a Great Mattress Is Important To Your Mental Health

By Michael

We all know that to get some good sleep, the quality of mattress that we sleep has a significant effect. But, did you know that your mattress can affect your mental health? Every model has been designed to satisfy a particular set of needs, for instance, your sleeping position and weight, among others.

A good example is people with back pains, there are specific mattresses suitable for them, and www.trymattress.com/best-mattress-for-back-pain offers some useful tips. When it comes to mental health, the quality of your sleep is rather crucial. Part of what dictates how well or poorly you sleep depends on the mattress quality. The question we then ask ourselves is - what role does a great mattress play in your mental health?

Tossing and Turning

Whenever I toss and turn throughout the night, I’m always grumpy and exhausted when I wake up the next day. This has happened to all of us at one time. Tossing and turning affects the quality of sleep that we get. Among the top reasons why people toss and turn through the night is the quality of their mattress. A great mattress will help you enjoy a good night’s rest while of course, a bad one will make your night unbearable.

What are some of the reasons why we toss and turn because of mattress quality?

  • Sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t compliment your sleeping position
  • Sleeping on an old worn out mattress
  • Sleeping on a stiff and uncomfortable mattress

Therefore, it’s necessary that we avoid such beds if we want some quality shut-eye.


Snoring affects your sleep and that of your partner if you have one. Frequently having to wake up from your slumber makes you exhausted and lowers the quality of your sleep. Your sleeping position and mattress have been known to have a hand in your snoring. When you don’t position yourself well as you sleep, you will snore. Sleeping on a smart bed can help as it can adjust its properties to reduce your snoring.

A great mattress that conforms to your body shape thus offering excellent support prevents you from snoring. Therefore, you’ll get to enjoy a good night’s sleep which is very important for your mental health.


We need between 6 and 8 hours of sleep every day to ensure that we maintain a healthy mental and physical state. With insomnia, our health is placed at risk. An uncomfortable mattress could be why you’re suffering from insomnia. Getting a more suitable mattress and creating a comfortable bed environment can improve your sleep and help reduce instances of insomnia. With insomnia, you won’t get to Rapid Eye Movement sleep (REM), which is vital to our brain and mental health. So, do you all that you can to get some sleep!

As we’ve seen, our mental health is primarily affected by the quality of sleep that we get. This is in turn dependent on other factors such as the mattress we use. So, a high quality mattress can provide you other benefits apart from comfort; it will ensure that you get good quality sleep. See the connection between your mattress and your mental health.

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