February 2017

By Dipti Shah

By understanding the powers of the subconscious mind, Dipti Shah healed fully from an ankle injury which doctors had pronounced incurable, and turned her life around


Life is beautiful. But to make it so, we need to understand its secret. When we do so, we discover the power within us, which is so potent that we can achieve anything we wish to. Personally it has immensely amplified all areas of my life, including health, wealth, relationships and spiritual intelligence.

The secret is none other than the divine power of our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is the God within, and based on our thoughts it can manifest anything we ask for. Since most of us unconsciously think negative thoughts and experience negative feelings, we draw problems, illnesses and other forms of suffering into our lives. But we can use that same power consciously and positively to draw forth happiness, harmonious relationships and health.


In 2001, soon after my first pregnancy, I met with an accident which badly damaged my left ankle joint. All leading doctors pronounced that for the rest of my life I would need the support of a walker to walk or even to stand.

But since childhood, I have had the courage and strength to think positively. Whenever in need of guidance, my friends, relatives and classmates used to come to me. This capacity helped me sustain the trauma and find my way out.

Dr. Mukesh Shah, Aalok Orthopaedic Hospital in Ahmedabad successfully operated on my ankle joint. One month after the surgery I was on my feet doing normal work without any support of the walker or a stick. However, I had to use an ankle belt and many actions were restricted for me. At that time I was only 23 years. I had so many responsibilities as a mother, a wife, a daughter-in law. As a civil engineer, I was also ambitious to build a successful career.

However, the injury was limiting me severely and I began to give in to despondency. Self-pity kept me locked in the Why-me syndrome.

Thankfully, this state did not last for too long. My inner self kept prompting me: “No,
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