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January 2017

By Jamuna Rangachari

Jamuna Rangachari interviews Raja Choudhury, a documentary film-maker, architect, public speaker, multimedia artist and above all,  a passionate propagator of spirituality


People who defy classification always intrigue me. One such person is Raja Choudhury. When I met him for the first time, I knew he was a documentary film-maker, architect, public speaker and designer of multimedia installations, events and websites who had won several awards for his endeavours. He was particularly known for his films and talks on Indian wisdom, history and consciousness. But the core of his renaissance-like personality is his passion for spirituality and his commitment to propagate its truths to the world at large. On meeting Raja Choudhary I was impressed by his keen interest in understanding what makes the other tick. The one thing that came across was his passion to reach out to everyone, especially the young. Indeed, his use of multimedia is mainly because it is what most youngsters relate to.

Excerpts from the interview:

You are a teacher, architect, filmmaker, all at the same time, having worked extensively in all these areas. What gives you the maximum satisfaction and why?

What gives me most satisfaction is the inner quest for wisdom and an insatiable curiosity. A curiosity that is reflected in my indepth study and research, the questioning of all strongly held beliefs, accidental intuitive and fated discoveries, vast inner experiences and the creation of new ideas, thoughts or designs as a result. Everything I have done in films, digital media, architecture, design and teaching has been an expression of this core sense of curiosity and my own personal quest for knowledge and wisdom.

In your Ted talk on India’s wisdom for today’s world, you say that we have shown many seekers how to find their inner selves. Do you think this is happening at a faster rate in recent years?

What has happened in recent years is that more people than ever have access to media and information tools than ever before and therefore access to ancient wisdom, teachings and ideas. With the internet this evolution has accellerated even more in recent years. Now people searching for a deeper understanding of themselves and their mystical potential have more access. Indian wisdom has always been a great source and set of tools for that exploration and I think we can contribute to that future dialogue globally provided we do not take on a
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