teaching story

January 2018 The elephant and the fly A disciple once asked his teacher, “Why are most people’s mind restless and why do only few possess a calm mind? What can one do to still the mind?” The teacher looked at the disciple, smiled, and said, “Once, an elephant was picking leave

Teaching story : A royal disciple

November 2017 Royal disciple Just and benevolent king Shursen wanted to learn spirituality. He ordered his minister to honour the supreme spiritual guru in his kingdom and bring him to the palace. The minister informed him that Atmanand Maharaj, an enlightened sage,

King Janaka and the monk

A monk visited  Mithila, the city of sage King Janaka. “Who is the best teacher around here?” he asked. Every person replied with the name of King Janaka. “How can a king be a spiritual teacher? These people don’t know what true spirituality is,” the monk thought. He went to the king and asked, “O King, how can you be more spiritual than t

Thou art that

September 2017 As part of a festival, a play was being organised at the king’s court. The play needed a five year old girl for a small part. The queen thought, “Let's dress up the prince as princess. He is of the right age and nobody will know.” After the play, the queen was so awed by the prince's cu

Praying for God

Someone asked a wise man, Ho, “Is it worth praying?” Ho answered, “Do not ask such questions. You pray when there is nothing else left. You should try doing it on your own. And after that it is worth helping God by taking some burden off him.” “And what is the best way to pray? What words to use?” the person asked. “I think, it is better to pray from th

The wealthy man

June 2017 A wealthy man A saint was praying silently. A wealthy merchant was deeply touched by his devotion and sincerity. He offered the saint a bag of gold, saying, “I know that you will use the money for Allah’s sake. Please take it.” “Just a moment,” the saint replied, “I’m not sure if it is lawful for me to take you