The search within my soul

January 2018 Vidya Murlidhar experienced inner turmoil for not having a professional career but ultimately realised that her heart belonged to full-time motherhood and homemaking

The gift of storytelling

November 2017 A  story with a strong narrative, depth and unforgettable message, is the best spiritual master one can have, says Preeti Bapat  

The desert God

October 2017 By Nandini Hoon A road trip to the renowned shrine of Salasar Balaji in the Shekhawati region of picturesque Rajasthan, leaves Nandini Hoon feeling deeply enchanted and submerged in Divine grace

From banker to baba

October 2017 By Pradeep Krishnan Pradeep Krishnan talks to enlightened master, Sri Devdas Rao, about his spiritual journey, the benefits of music and meditation and the true essence of life

The centenarian saint

September 2017 By Pradeep Krishnan Dr Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan, the world’s first centenarian bishop, talks to Pradeep Krishnan about his views on God, spirituality and the true essence of human life

Not minding the mind

September 2017 By Suma Varughese Slowly and gradually through constant practise, the Higher Self is gaining control over the capricious mind, says Suma Varughese The hardest challenge on the spiritual path is to disassociate with the mind. The mind is so all-pervasive that even the thought of disassociating with it can seem like a chimer