The power of passion

January 2015 By Suma Varughese Natural Kingdoms, Healing with Homeopathy, Dr Rajan Sankaran, Penguin Books, INR 299; 240 pages I have heard of Dr Rajan Sankaran as a remarkable homeopath, but it is clear that he is also a very good writer for his simp

A recovery from cancer through homeopathy

Benita Sharma as told to Jamuna Rangachari In 2011, my friends not me I was not looking too healthy and should go for a complete check up.  This made me go to Sitaram Bharti hospital. The doc told me there was a tumour and it was in most likelihood, a TB with a very slim possibility of cancer. He advised me not to get a biopsy done but gave me some medicines. Howev

Yes, you can!

By Shivi Verma July 2014 Cancer can be cured if you are willing to try a combination of therapies, work on your mind, adopt an optimisticattitude, and have faith in the Divine, says Shivi Verma  

My Experience in Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2) with Homeopathy

By Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal, M.D. (Hom.)   Homoeopathy is branch of medicine remains doubtful in respect of its efficacy, its scientificity in general and in various diseases in particular. Homoeopathy is a holistic way of treatment whatever may be the name of disease. This system understan

Homeopathy for pets

March 2014 By Life Positive

A mobile app for homeopathy

By Life Positive November 2013 Dr. Shreepad Khedekar: Apt at apps Our mobile phones have shrunk the world into our palms. Various apps have empowered us like never before. Subsequently, healing too has become the click of an app away. Dr. Shreepad Khedekar, a Mumbai-based homeopath, has launched a