Welcome to Dwapara Yuga

January 2018 The latest findings in astronomy and an impartial observation of the current trends indisputably indicate that the human race is in the ascending phase of Dwapara Yuga, says Quanto Shivo

Listening to the mountains

December 2017

Celebrating ahimsa

December 2017

Beating cancerism

December 2017

Aiding the agrarian

December 2017 At a time when the farmers in our country are in dire straits, Padma and Narsanna Koppula are helping them build sustainable, self-sufficient agricultural ecosystems, says Jamuna Rangachari

Flachi _ the unsung hero

December 2017 Jyotika Chhibber fondly remembers Flachi, the heroic dog who conquered abandonment with unconditional love, and emerged as a sterling example of courage and sacrifice