Soul Friend :: Satish Kaku

May 2015 By Shivi Verma If simplicity is the hallmark of a true master, then  Sri Satish Kaku, with his easy manners, mirthful chuckles, and incisive approach to spirituality would win over your mind and heart, says Shivi Verma

From darkness to light

April 2015 By Suma Varughese By interviewing 17 of the most eminent spiritual luminaries of our times, our anniversary issue offers a tribute to the guru tatva, the enlightening principle, that alone can lead us from darkness to light, says Suma Varughese

Everything you always wanted to know about enlightenment

By Sharmila Bhosale June 2013Enlightenment is your Birthright , Author: Deepa Kodikal, Published By: Viva Books, Pages : 223 pages, Paperback, Price : INR 395

Slay your fears

By Suma Varughese May 2013 If fears are stopping you from living your life, get ready to start confronting them. But start small, says Suma Varughese

Go with the flow

By Pulkit Sharma May 2013 When it comes to personal growth, it is best to work at your pace rather than being pressurized to step it up, says Pulkit Sharma

From fear to love

April 2013 By Chitra Jha Spiritual teachers tell us that there are only two primary emotions, fear and love, and everything else is only a reflection of them. So how do we transmute fear to love, asks Chitra Jha