Defeating suicide

November 2017 People having suicidal thoughts and tendencies simply need one patient ear to pull them back to life. Punya Srivastava finds out ways to hold a secure space for such people

The shadows in my mind

May 2016 By Nandini Sarkar Depression can be rooted out through spiritual methods such as prayer, japa, meditation, pranayama and affirmations, says Nandini Sarkar

From head to heal

By Life Positive September 2011Craniosacral therapy, immensely popular in USA, is now gaining recognition in India. Irma Battig, a Swiss by birth, with 12 years of experience having trained with the best healers in USA, has recently set up shop in Mumba

A cry for help

By Sanjay Chugh August 2001 Each year thousands of teenagers commit suicide in India. It is because depression is now increasingly bedeviling both children and adolescents

Music of the Night

By Suma Varughese August 2007 Depression is quite often a response to our present conflict between material pressures and spiritual aspirations. used wisely, it can be a springboard to spiritual awakening and wisdom Depression ManagementHere are a few tips

Emerging from Living Death

By Marita Nazareth June 2007An experiential account of encountering and surviving depressionPitch black darkness… the experience of being in an endless, damp, dark tunnel... hopelessness… exhaustion… sleeplessness… lowere