The Facebook Sangha

By Suma Varughese March 2011 Facebook is not just bringing seekers together in unprecedented numbers but is also helping them evolve and grow. Can it be the pivot on which the new age is hinged?

Together, we can

By Sharukh Vazifdar March 2010 How important is society and conforming to its norms? Can there exist a community based on different values and goals? Alternative communes give you something to think about

The Art of Giving

By Jamuna Rangachari June 2006Instead of expensive geegaws, custom-make your presents with sensitivity and creativity for an unforgettable experience. Giving Giftso Spend time,

Divine Anarchy

By Rajendar Menen April 2006Auroville is packed to the brim with stories. Every person here has an interesting tale to tell. it is a working human experiment, constantly evolving and, miraculously, still moving in the direction it was meant to.

The Tsunami Blessings

By Suma Varughese February 2005 A spiritual perspective on disasters. In the threshold of the New Year, a disaster of unbelievably savage proportions ribboned into our consciousness. An earthquake that began in Sumatra, billowed into a giant tsunami (a grim addition to our vocabulary) that flatt

The Joy of Fellowship

By Suma Varughese November 2005 A real community is an inclusive, accepting space in which love and intimacy flourish and healing and growth happen. Such a community is a profound joy. My first experience of the value of community happened when I was around 28. My father had been diagnosed with