A Buddha is among you

June 2015 The abbot of a once famous Buddhist monastery that had fallen into decline was deeply troubled. Monks were lax in their practice; novices were leaving and lay supporters deserting it for other centres. He travelled far to a sage and recounted his tale of woe, of how much he desired to transform his monastery to the flourishing haven it had been in the days of yore. The

Musings on the Master

April 2015 The Laughing Buddha doffs his hat to gurus everywhere

The renaissance Rinpoche

February 2015 By Suma Varughese Suma Varughese interviews the 12th Chodo Kenting Tai Situpa at the Palpung Sherabling monastery in the Kangra valley, and is moved by his authenticity and modesty I met Rinpoche, the 12th Chodron Kenting Tai Situpa at his monastery, Palpung Sherabling, in the beautiful Kangra Valley when I was invited in N

Our witnessing consciousness quotient

- By Sanjiv Ranjan Many of us wonder whether we are on the right path. To know this, we need to introspect and examine our life.There is a simple process through which you can find out for yourself, how close you are to living from the witnessing consciousness. Just answer the questions below, and add up your score, to see for yourself.

Reader know yourself

By Abhishek Thakore March 2013 Which of these is you? Abhishek Thakore draws up a handy quiz to help you categorize yourself on the basis of why you read Life Positive Self-awareness to the New Ager is like loose change for an Indian bus conductor or weed for a wannabe rock artiste. So, in a

From arms to alms

By Suma Varughese January 2013The Buddha and the Terrorist, Author: Satish Kumar, Published By: Wisdom Tree, Pages : 87 Pages, Paperback, Price : INR 125