Quirky corporate characters

Janaury 2018 All the characters and events in this book have been inspired by people and interactions at real workplaces, though exaggerations have been made for humorous effect. The opinions expressed are solely the author’s and arise from her extreme bias and prejudice towards corporates. The author’s own workplace, however, is exceptional. She has the best co-w

A journey through Divine love

December 2017

A practical guide to integral yoga

November 2017 Developed by the spiritual masters Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, Integral Yoga aspires to transform all  the aspects of human existence, so that a new being can evolve. This evolution will eventually lead to a complete unfolding and the manifestation of the Divine on earth.

Juice up your life

October 2017 By Muskaan Sharma Raw Rasoi Everyday Juices by Rupinder Kaur Notion Press Hardcover INR 899; pages 122 Rupinder Kaur’s Raw Rasoi Everyday Juices presents itself as the perfect guide to help you embark upon a raw food journey. An excellent manual for creating everyday juice

Beyond the veil of death

October 2017 By Punya Srivatsava Where one is not a number Written and published by Aarti Raheja INR 299; pages 240

Ancient route to absolution

September 2017 By Muskaan Sharma Rivulets of the Absolute