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Dr. Ramesh P R, is th

Ayurveda for All

October 2014 By Life Positive Ayurveda and naturopathy enthusiasts from across the world are in for a treat courtesy Ayush Darpan, a health quarterly with the mission to popularize the world of herbal healing. Founded by Dr Navin Joshi, MD, Ayurveda, the magazine also strives to bring the AYUSH system in the forefront of the Indian healing platform throu

Reversal of my heart ailment, naturally

By Orlando Braganza On 23 Dec 2013: My routine medical pre-sea test revealed a positive stress test result. ( I was advised angiography). On 27 dec 2013: Angiography revealed 5 artery blocks of critical nature. CABG was recommended. While planning my surgery, and at the threshold of an appointment with a renowned Cardiac surgeon in Mumbai, I stumbled by my good

Yes, you can!

By Shivi Verma July 2014 Cancer can be cured if you are willing to try a combination of therapies, work on your mind, adopt an optimisticattitude, and have faith in the Divine, says Shivi Verma  

The karmic business

By Life Positive May 2014

Honour your nature

January 2014 by Chitra Jha Chitra Jha discovers the innate intelligence of ayurveda, and its central principle of living according to the dictates of our unique constitution.