Press the right points

November 2017   Muskaan Sharma Acupressure can prove to be the most effective self-care treatment for common reproductive disorders, discovers Muskaan Sharma  

Suresh and Suman Chawla

Mr Suresh and Ms Suman are in the field of Sujok Acupressure and Magnet therapy since 2003, and have treated many people. Well qualified and trying to heal people with simple tools like Byol Magnets and fenugreek seeds, they believe that anything can be healed with diligence. As in most cases, Suresh Chawla became a healer after seeing the positive results of sujok

Ketan Shah

Master practitioner Ketan Shah knows the power of acupressure as a routine appendicitis surgery he underwent went wrong and it

Healing through magnets and acupressure

By Jamuna Rangachari Fifteen year old Shivam Dutta was really hassled for two years as his toes used to swell and he could not read very well due to lead infection. This used to aggravate during winter. His mother explored alternate therapies and came across Mr Suresh Chawla , who did magnet therapy for her and also taught her to do the same.  He became completely

Homage to an angel

By Life Positive September 2011Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some move our souls to dance. They awaken us to a new understanding. With the passing whisper of their wisdom they make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. Stay in our lives

Acupressure And Beyond

By Jamuna Rangachari July 2009 Master practitioner Ketan Shah, takes the participants through a complete wellness programme, through acupressure and beyond