May you be blessed!

January 2017

By K Geethanjali

When we bless, we are blessed, says K Geethanjali, for it is only when we appreciate the good that befalls others that we attract it into our lives


I was cooking breakfast one morning when the news blared out from the adjoining room where my mother was watching television. The day before, two film stars from the Malayalam film industry (who had earlier divorced their respective spouses), had got married, and the whole Malayali community was abuzz with the news.

A peppy number of one of the couple’s reel songs triggered off a natural curiosity in me and drove me to watch the screen as it flashed scenes of the bride’s unsure eagerness and the groom’s anxiety to be accepted by the public that had made him. Any little judgement I had about the matter vanished and a spontaneous thought arose in me. I hope they are happy together and have a great life! As I found myself sending a blessing to the couple I couldn’t help wishing that all couples could experience the happily ever after in their life. Suddenly, the whole thing wasn’t about the couple anymore. It was about the human condition and the possibilities in it.

Why do we applaud movies and books which end with a… “happily ever after’ though we judge them when they happen in real life? It’s because on screen we feel safe to follow our fantasies. Our judging mind is quiet and the imaginative mind can soar.

How much more exciting it is when we see real life cases of abundance, genius and artistic expression! What an occasion to marvel at all that humans have achieved. It took just a minute to send a good thought, but instantly I felt my energy rise and a feeling of well-being suffused me. Well-being laced with hope that the human race is finding joy and creative expression in its own way.

Why can’t life be a fairy tale with happy endings? It can’t while our small mind tells us to get real. It can if we follow our Big Heart which tells us that life was meant to be magical and joyful. When we bless others with all good and marvel at what God has done for another person, we fall into the universal heart where we are all one. Another person’s joy becomes our joy and we find more and more reasons to rejoice and celebrate in our life.

As Avadhoot Baba Shivanand says, “When you see a beautiful home belonging to another and marvel at it and bless it, the universe or your subconscious mind gets the message that you admire and
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