One To Five Years

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Subscribe to this English-language monthly magazine published from India. Dedicated to promoting a holistic lifestyle, Life Positive also provides an unbiased record of all that’s good in the world.

See what some of our readers say.
Constant companion
I had left India to work in Poland as a gynecologist. Having earlier read a book by American gynecologist, Dr. Christian Northrup, I found her understanding of women’s problems and approach to treatment so holistic and complete, that I resolved to work in a similar way. It was not easy and required cleansing at all levels – physical, emotional and, spiritual. With just the book to guide me, I worked on myself, simultaneously learning and understanding alternative methods.
This approach gave meaning to my work as a gynecologist. I could now feel a harmony of thought, words, and deeds. Life Positive, with its deep spiritual approach to all life matters, was a cherished regular companion each month.

I am thankful to the present editor, Suma Varughese, for her articles from which I have learned a lot.
Life Positive is my constant companion, a reminder of what is good and what is positive in life. It is my connection to my roots, to my country, to its noble philosophy. I am proud to be an Indian as only India can bring out such a truly holistic and authentically spiritual magazine
Preeti Aggarwal, Poland.

Since the beginning, I have been a life member of this magazine as I did not want to miss a single issue. Personally I found Life Positive catering to the need for holistic healing. Through it, I came to know of many unknown experts and courses in secret esoteric subjects, which benefitted me immensely.

In spite of all the negative aspects of life – it is the law of nature that all good things carry a black shadow – I would like to take birth again and again to enjoy this beautiful world of creativity. I don’t desire moksha because I have understood that ignorance is Kaliyug and awakening is Satyug, which can be experienced in every era.
Dr N K Sharma and Dr Savita Sharma, New Delhi, India

Infinite knowledge
It’s such a great joy to participate in Life Positive! Since I have been reading this magazine, my thoughts and actions have totally transformed. I am more focussed on doing and being good. Learning to give and forgive, the art of understanding karma and actions, the art of detachment and compassion, are so extensively provided in Life Positive that I consider it my life tool for infinite knowledge to salvation from the material world.
Vipinkumar Vinodrai Pandya, Nairobi

Inner Happiness
I am a merchant navy captain, with a Dubai company. I bought my first copy of Life Positive in June 2000 and subscribed to it. On vacation, I read the magazine at home and whenever I join the ship, I take some issues with me on the ship. I distribute them to the other officers who also like to read them. The articles, based on subjects, which concern daily life, help us to become good human
beings. Reading Life Positive, I learned that we can’t depend on others for happiness, but need to find it inside ourselves only.
Capt. Surender Chaudhry, Haryana, India

We hope to see you become a part of the Life Positive family, too.

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✡ Subscription 2 (24 Issues) - For 2 years at a discounted rate of Rs. 1699/-
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✡ Subscription 4 (60 Issues) - For 5 years at a discounted rate of Rs. 3600 and get a Gift of 1-year subscription free.


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