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February 2017

Sanjiv Ranjan’s mini workshop on the mystical art of manifesting one’s dreams was an invigorating shake-up; setting a promising tone to the run up to the New Year. Held in the Gulmohar Hall of India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, this open-to-all session was organised by the Life Positive Foundation in mid-December.


The session began with everyone present in the hall sharing one dream each, by putting out a verbal intention to the Universe. “Our dreams manifest in our lives when we hold a burning intention to make them our reality,” said Sanjiv Ranjan, gifted healer, visionary and reformist writer. He explained that holding the intention with greater consciousness, and not just in a misty-eyed, wishful way, was the key to realising one’s dream. “The capacity to hold an intention with greater awareness is only in the present moment – in the ‘Now’. And one gets rooted to the ‘Now’ through breath. Hence, by focussing on breath, and by verbalising the intent with definite clarity, one manifests his or her dreams,” he added.

But is it as simple as it seems? Not quite, because a majority of us are kept at bay from the present moment due to the innumerable fears we have grown up with or which have been handed to us by others. Addressing this issue, Sanjiv said, “Fear is merely False Evidence Appearing Real,” emphasising that we must learn to differentiate between situational fears and mind-induced fears. Mind-induced fears prevent a person from being in the ‘Now’, by triggering a long chain of  ‘what ifs’. Sanjiv taught a handy tool to remove such fears in the form of a written exercise – write down your fear on a piece of paper, then write ‘Fake Evidence Appearing Real’ beneath it, followed by ‘I am releasing it’. “Repeat the last line a number of times until you start relaxing. Do this exercise daily till you get rid of your fear,” he said.

The workshop ended with a small meditation session in which Sanjiv took everyone present to a deeply meditative state where they went through their intentions with a heightened
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