Cut the cord

By Jamuna Rangachari

February 2017

By Jamuna Rangachari

Through the practice of forgiveness, Prana Violet Healing dissolves the cords that bind us to others and cause sickness and suffering, says Jamuna Rangachari


I heard of Mr Siva and Prana Violet Healing (PVH) from a young mother whose autistic child had become much better due to the healing given to him and her by Mr Siva using PVH. She has made this technique a part of her life and is vocal in her gratitude at having discovered it.It is rare that one comes across people who discover a healing that everyone can practice and benefit from, and then dedicate their lives to creating more healers to minimise the agony and suffering in the world without expecting anything in return. One such person is Mr Siva.

Auras, chakras and cords

Mr Siva, an engineer from Malaysia, had gone for an official visit to Indonesia and casually went to Borobudur, a 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist monument in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia, which is the world’s largest Buddhist monument in the world. He could sense a strong cosmic presence there and subsequently something made him go there for 69 visits during the full moon. He had always wanted to help people so he prayed ardently to be shown a way to help especially the poor, in improving their physical, emotional and mental health. In July 2008, on his 35th full moon visit he was asked to use the symbol of Borobudur and spread its message to everyone. Healing techniques were revealed to him as instantaneously as a transfer through blue tooth.

It was at this point that the design of the wand was transmitted to him, consisting of a stick on which the plastic replica of the symbol is attached.

Once guided on the complete healing process, he started spreading the message all over the world. The more healing he does, the more secrets are revealed to him, increasing his powers day after day.

In sum, the philosophy of Prana Violet Healing (PVH), as he named his therapy, revolves around the energy links we form with others in the course of our relationships. The cords, as he calls them, consist of the strong thoughts or emotions we emanate to each other and can be positive or negative, though generally speaking, it is the negative thought forms such as ego, jealousy, envy, anger, hurt, disappointment, revenge and lust that manifest as cords.

Sometimes cords may come from thoughts created by memories stored in the subconscious mind which may emanate to the other without the sender even being aware of it. For
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Apilla gupta

I want to to know PVH

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Please guide me I want to help and heal my family members and Friends......I feel helpless to be not to do anything to help them.....I really want to learn healing I am not sure from whom to learn....there r so many spurious people who dupe people like me I would be obliged if you can make me learn it. Thankyou

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