Befriend the unknown

October 2015

By Shivi Verma

The unknown is the most creative and thrilling space in your life, since it streams from the Divine, urging you to become a co-creator with God, says Shivi Verma


Priya Krishan Das, an artist based in Pune, loves travelling. During one of her trips to a vanilla plantation last year, she would go out into the thick foliage late at night to view the fireflies light up the surroundings. The first time she had to venture at night with a dim torch light, the sounds of insects, rustling of leaves and dancing shadows conjured scary images in her mind. But then a little girl who lived on the plantation said, ‘I am a friend of the darkness, come along’. Priya realised the profundity of her statement.

Wise words from a little girl made Priya realise the power of embracing the unknown.Wise words from a little girl made Priya realise the power of embracing the unknown.

Whatever you are scared or fearful of, befriend that very thing. So the next time Priya went with the girl to see the fireflies, she went with a different outlook and instead of being on her guard all the time, she opened her eyes to the beauty of the night. Thousands of fireflies had lit up the trees creating a magnificent sight. “It was as if the stars had descended. With the fragrance of the nocturnal flowers and the moonlit sky and the shadows which now had acquired a beautiful shape in my mind, it was almost surreal!” she exclaims. “The unknown is probably something which we haven’t experienced yet. I believe in befriending the unknown and trusting that if it is not safe, my inner voice will guide me. The experience taught me that everything was part of us. I take one moment at a time and open myself to be awed by the Universe,” she adds.

Such is the magnetism of the unknown that man has been drawn to it since eternity. Anything which is beyond his power and ken, both scares and invites him. While familiarity gives comfort and solace, over time it
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