A serene success

By Suma Varughese

April 2017

What does holistic success mean and how can we attain it? What are the factors that govern it? Suma Varughese explores

Despite having pondered deep and long about the factors governing success, I only had an experience of what financial success felt like quite recently, in the early months of 2015 when I decided to hold workshops for writers.

I held a trial workshop in February 2015 for four friends and when they enthusiastically endorsed it, I announced it on Facebook. I was overwhelmed by the response. About 60 to 70 people from all over India eagerly petitioned to be part of the workshop. Being a brand new facilitator, I did not want more than 10 people for my first workshop in the second week of March. Sixteen stampeded in. The next week, I held it in Delhi and again was met with enthusiasm. Thereafter, I began to hold workshops almost every month. An announcement on Facebook, and a few Whatsapp messages would garner me a steady crowd of about 20 to 25 people. It has been two years since I started these workshops or courses as they later became known. And they continue to have enthusiastic takers. I have held them in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore. In October 2016, I held an advanced workshop and that too was well received. I have not advertised these workshops save for the half pagers that appear in LP through the kind courtesy of my publisher. I cannot speak for the future, but as of now, the Universe seems to have scripted a delightful success story for me.

For I know that marketing a workshop can often be heavy going. In what is a saturated market, even advertising will not fetch you enough participants. So what, if at all anything, did I do differently? I shall answer this later, but I can tell you it feels wonderful. To know that you have something others want is a terrific high. It is what all entrepreneurs, or indeed professionals, aspire to.

Sundeep Waslekar: His book was a runaway success despite little or no promotional efforts

 A runaway success

My friend Sundeep Waslekar,
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